Black pearls

Black pearls with diamond rondells and clasp in white gold

Keshii Pearl Necklace

3 stranded Keshii pearl necklace with cherry quartz and 18k gold clasp

Elongated Gold Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

One single and one double strand necklace and bracelet of elongated gold pearls

24 Strand Seed Pearls and Chandelier Earrings

24 strands of seed pearls with 18kt gold clasp and chandelier earrings

Natural Pearl Necklace

12 mm Natural Pearls with 14K gold and Diamond clasp

Keshii Pearl Necklace

14 strands of Keshii pearls with a large citrine stone set in 14k gold

Mini Pearl Necklace

25 strands of mini pearls with cut amethyst and detachable natural amethyst centerpiece