About Us

About the Designer: Cassandra James-Ellington

In the midst of adversity miracles do happen. Cassandra lost everything she owned in the 1991 Berkeley Hills Firestorm, which was her catalyst to rise from the ashes, as did the Phoenix, and became creative in rebuilding her jewelry collection.

Her daughter gave her a beautiful Coral necklace; she loved it so much, that she wore it everyday for two months. Cassandra then decided, it was time to have something else around her neck, besides the one necklace she owned.

Cassandra likes nice things, and nice things were pricey on the pension of a retired Marketing Consultant, so she decided to make her own jewelry designs. When people began to inquire where she bought her jewelry, and offering to buy the pieces off her neck, she decided to consider her own line of jewelry. Thus, Cassandra’s Gems was born.

She has been a vendor of Saks Fifth Avenue for several years and has traveled the world to find these precious stones to create just the right look for an individual piece.

The use of natural stones, gathered over several years, complimented with 14K,18K,22K Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver, makes each piece unique and a one of a kind treasure.

Cassandra is now retired from the daily demands of the business and keeps her jewelry line as a hobby which allows her to be even more focused on the creativity of the design, which is her passion, and reduces her overhead that can be passed along to her buyers.

Cassandra brings Elegance, Beauty and Pride with each creation which will enhance the appearance of any owner.