Unique & one of a kind objects

Cassandra collects unique, one-of a kind objects from her world travels and infuses different cultures into her works of art. Her gems are from India, Africa, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Peru and continues to grow as she continues to travel.

Artistic and elegant pieces

Cassandra has an artistic eye and combine artifacts into its own story that shows off the elegance of style and uniqueness of design . She compliments each piece with Gold or Silver, depending on what speaks the loudest for her creation, and will work with clients to co-create special pieces that will stay with the family heirlooms.

Latest pieces

Chalcedony with white gold

Necklace with hand engraved white gold setting.  Matching cabochon earrings also set in white gold.

Abstract Tourmaline Necklace

Abstract Tourmaline with 14K gold clasp